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Bookish (and not so Bookish) Thoughts #101

December 13, 2017 | No comments


1. It’s December! Bring on all the Christmas music. (I’ve got the Science Christmas Songs stuck in my head.)

2. My Christmas decorations are up, but they are sadly not in the same league as these.

3. Kate has done the amazing job of going through all the best-of-2017-book-lists and summarized them into one massive list of the top 47 books. This year, I have not read a single book that made the list. I usually stay quite on top of recent publications, but I don’t know what happened this year.

4. My sister and my mother are coming to spend Christmas at my place, and I’ve got this insane idea that I’m gonna cook a proper Christmas dinner. (Including doing some fancy Christmas baking.) Check back after Christmas to see how this goes.

5. I recently finished two books that both, for very different reasons, made me want to write a review.

6. This video of a polar bear broke my heart.

7. Videos of amazing dogs heals my heart again.

8. We had a professional photographer at work yesterday morning and everyone could get a free headshot taken. I hate having my picture taken, but figured I should probably have a more professional photo than a selfie for all the work-related things. The timing was crappy – I had an appointment to get a haircut today so of course today my hair looks fabulous and yesterday it was a mess. (Also, I had just walked through wind and rain and snow to get to work right before the photo was taken). Still, it cannot be worse than a selfie, right?

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