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Literary Mixtape: The Silent Girls

December 10, 2017 | No comments


I love mixtapes and I love books, so there should be no surprise that I have a soft spot for literary mixtapes (especially those by Rory and Kate). I don’t know why I have never made one of my own.

Maybe I have just not read the right book for it. That is, until now.

I recently read Eric Rickstad’s The Silent Girls, published in 2014. It wasn’t the best book I’ve ever read. Far from it. It is an interesting mystery in a nice setting but the characters are nothing special. It falls in that grey zone of ok books that are good reads, but when you’re done you quickly move on to the next one and don’t look back. The one exception that made The Silent Girls slightly more memorable is that it was littered with passages that made me feel that this book really required a soundtrack.


01. I Started a Joke / Bee Gees

“Nothing dulled the guilt or the loss.”

02. Dream On / Aerosmith

“But peril pressed in at the edges of a girl’s life, and worry planted roots in Rath’s heart and bloomed wild and reckless.”

03. Living in Danger / Ace of Base

“It was a loathsome fact about the human condition: Wherever there were girls, some would go missing, plucked like errant threads from the fabric of everyday life and cast into a lurid nightmare of someone else’s making.”

04. Here I Go Again / Whitesnake

“Rath gazed at the long, deserted stretch of road that ran north into Canada in just under a mile, then looked south to a length of road equally long and deserted.”

05. Love Is The Drug / Roxy Music

“Rath lit his cigarette, drew the smoke deep. It tasted like dryer lint, but he’d suck it to the filter anyway. That’s why they called it addiction.”

06. Why / Annie Lennox

“Ghosts from a past life he wished would remain dead.”

07. Before It Breaks / Brandi Carlile

“Hope was a luxury. And Rath had to knock on the door and ask the missing girl’s mother painful intrusive questions, yank scabs off tender wounds and gouge old sores, let the blood run fresh.”

08. Still Fighting It / Ben Folds

“Memory was a devil that wore many disguises.”

09. Brightest Light / FDVM

“She radiates. A smile like sunshine’s pouring from her.”

10. Dancing With Myself / Billy Idol

“She was unclear on what compelled her to run with such mania.”

11. Where Were You Last Night / Ankie Bagger

“This was the trouble with lying: it bred paranoia.”

12. Lost Stars / Adam Levine

“The recessed lights dimmed to leave the office in perpetual dusk.”

13. Better Alone / Carolina Liar

“Pain could always get worse.”


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