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Book vs Film: A Man Called Ove

September 27, 2017 | No comments


Last month, I finally read Fredrik Backman’s acclaimed novel A Man Called Ove and a few days later, I watched the Swedish film adaption from 2015. I don’t think I can really pick one over the other, because both were truly spectacular. They both made me laugh and cry, and I still haven’t quite recovered from them.

1. Ove is the epitome of my favourite type of character: he appears rough and antisocial but has a heart of gold and a moral compass that never falters. Rolf Lassgård is fantastic as Ove, and exactly how I pictured the character when reading the book.

2. All of the characters are brilliant and they do have more depth in the book. I wished they could have included more of it in the film.

3. Fredrik Backman’s characteristic writing style does not quite come through in the film. There were definitely passages in the book that I had to go back and reread.

4. The imagery in the film made me miss Swedish smalltowns/suburbs.