Bookish (and not so Bookish) Thoughts #91

June 28, 2017 | One comment


1. Yesterday was filled with sad news. Both the Swedish actor Michael Nyqvist (who, among other things, played Mikael Blomkvist in the original film adaption of Stieg Larsson’s Millennium books) and the British author Michael Bond (who wrote the Paddington Bear books, which I loved as a kid) passed away.

2. One more week until vacation! One of my closest friends is coming to visit and we are planning an epic roadtrip (involving lots of hot pots, beautiful scenery, and good food).

3. This. Especially #2-3 and 12.

4. I’m not the biggest fan of Dracula, but this could be interesting.

5. I splurged and finally bought myself a pair of Ilse Jacobsen rubber boots. They are the most comfortable boots I’ve ever owned (and I suddenly don’t mind the prospect of a rainy summer).

6. In honor of the 20th anniversary of the first book being published: I am 29% Hufflepuff, 29% Gryffindor, 28% Ravenclaw, and 14% Slytherin. What is your Hogwarts House percentage?

7. This Saturday is July 1, which means time for another round of 6 Degrees of Separation. The starting book is the Australian classic Picnic at Hanging Rock by Joan Lindsay. I have not read it, and have absolutely no idea what to use for my first link.

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