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Hello Monday (3)

November 19, 2013 | No comments


I know that it is not technically Monday today, but I make the rules around here, and I felt like writing a hello monday post anyway because there happens to be several things I am very excited about this week.

HELLO FRIENDS Going out to dinner and a movie with friends? On a weekday? Yes please!

HELLO SCARS ON 45 “New music Monday” v3. This is why I love you.

HELLO WEEKLY WISHES Already on week 5 of this project and it is so much fun (plus it helps me organize my life).

HELLO NEW LOOK The blog got a makeover and I’m so happy with how it turned out.

HELLO PROJECT LIFE We’re back on speaking terms and moving forward.

HELLO 30 DAYS OF LISTS I’ve signed up for the December edition.

HELLO CLASSICS Starting Aesop’s fables, my first read for the Classics Club challenge. I’ve been looking forward to reading it for a long time, and am so happy I got it for the classic spin #4.

HELLO PT Hopefully last session this week, now that my shoulder and neck are back to normal. (So maybe it should be Goodbye PT)

Thanks to Lisa Leonard for the original Hello Monday idea.