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Scars on 45

November 20, 2013 | No comments


If I had to narrow down my list of favourite bands/artists to only three, Scars on 45 would definitely be one of them (the other two would be Lifehouse and Mat Kearney, but that’s a story for another day).

Scars on 45

Scars on 45 is a British indie rock band that consists of Danny Bemrose, Aimee Driver, Chris Durling, Stuart Nichols, and David (Nova) Nowakowski. Their music is perfect. Their lyrics are perfect. Danny and Aimee’s voices are perfect together. Yeah, they are pretty much the perfect band.

I was first introduced to Scars on 45, as were most people, when their song Beauty’s Running Wild was featured during the wedding scene between Danny Messer and Lindsay Monroe in the episode ‘Green Piece’ on season 5 of the TV show CSI: NY.

Have you ever watched an TV episode or movie and heard a song played that you just click with and you can’t get to a computer fast enough to try and figure out which song it is and where you can buy it? That’s how it was for me when I heard Beauty’s Running Wild. This was in early spring 2009. I had just moved back to Sweden and of course it was nowhere to be found. I had to be satisfied with playing it on youtube over and over again. (I might have had a downloaded bad quality version on my ipod but that is something I neither deny nor confirm.)

Fast-forward almost two years. I had just moved to England for the second time and I still considered Beauty’s Running Wild one of the greatest love songs ever. Then one day I heard a very familiar sound on the radio and my love for Scars on 45 was instantly rekindled. I bought their EP Give Me Something right away and I must have played those four songs over and over again (unfortunately Beauty’s Running Wild wasn’t one of them). I don’t think I listened to any other music for weeks. I can still remember sitting in my bedroom in this beautiful Victorian townhouse, listening to the acoustic version of Don’t Say (which is as perfect as Beauty’s Running Wild). Life was pretty good then.

Scars on 45’s second EP Heart on Fire was released in early fall 2011 (just a few months after I had moved back to Hawaii and started my PhD). It did not disappoint. In fact, I even loved it more than the first one. It was on repeat pretty much the rest of that semester.

Then in April 2012 they released their first full length album, Scars on 45. It included the 8 songs previously released on the EPs, but I was so happy I bought the entire album. It’s pretty epic. 19 months later, I still haven’t gotten tired of it.

Soon (hopefully) Scars on 45 are going to release another full length album. Luckily for those impatient fans like me, they have started to share an acoustic version of a new song every Monday, and will continue to do so until Christmas. (I did tell you that they were the perfect band.)

So far, they have shared three videos: I Will Be Here, Tasted Every Tear, and Only a Game. They are all incredible songs. I think this album is going to be even better than the first one. I won’t lie, I’m quite excited.

Something else to be excited about? Scars on 45 did a beautiful cover of Cure’s Friday I’m In Love. Epic. Just epic.

In contrast to Lifehouse and Mat Kearney, I haven’t seen Scars on 45 live. But, being the perfect band they are, Scars on 45 just announced earlier this week that they are doing a live online gig on December 5th. The tickets are only $5, and for once, the time difference to Hawaii actually works in my favour. I’m totally attending (while at work, but I will conveniently have my lunch break during the show).

You should all join me. I think it’s going to be epic. And perfect. And amazing.

(I also clearly need to learn some synonyms for epic. And perfect. And amazing.)

Photocredit: Scars on 45

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