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Book vs Film: Christmas Eve at Friday Harbor / Christmas with Holly

February 25, 2017 | No comments


During my recent two-week stint with the flu/cough from hell I probably watched enough Hallmark made for tv movies to fill my need for the rest of the year. One of the films I watched was Christmas With Holly from 2012.

Half-way through the film, I realized that I had seen it before, and that I had read the book it is based on, Christmas Eve at Friday Harbor (also published as Christmas With Holly) by Lisa Kleypas from 2010. Actually, when I read the book in 2015 I was convinced I had either read it before or seen a tv adaption of it, but couldn’t quite place it.

The story is about a man named Mark who becomes the guardian of his niece Holly after his older sister pass away. Holly and Mark move in with Mark’s two brothers, and befriends Maggie, the owner of the new toy shop in town. This book, and the film, is not really a traditional romance. The romantic relationship between Mark and Maggie is not the focus, rather it’s more of a family drama (which I definitely have a soft spot for). Part of the book and film is set during Christmas, but I wouldn’t necessairly classify it as a holiday book/film.

I definitely prefer the FILM over the book because:

1. I prefer romantic movies over romance novels. For a few of my teen-age years, I almost exclusively read romance novels but my reading preferences has definitely changed since then (not saying that I don’t once in a while read and really enjoy a romance novel–the list of preferred authors has just shrunken to a very small, exclusive club). Being a hopeless romantic at hearth, I do still enjoy watching feel-good romantic films.

2. The setting is gorgeous. The story takes place in Seattle and on San Juan Island, Washington, and was filmed in Nova Scotia, Canada.