“There Are Things I Want You to Know” about Stieg Larsson and Me by Eva Gabrielsson

February 20, 2017 | 2 comments


In brief: Eva Gabrielsson’s account of her life together with Stieg Larsson, and the events following his death.

Setting: Sweden

The background: Stieg Larsson and architect and political activist Eva Gabrielsson were together for 32 years. They were not married (and did not have any children together), so when Stieg passed away from a heart attack in November 2004, his estranged father and brother inherited all of his estate, including publishing rights and future royalties.

The good: For me, the highlights of this book are definitely the background information about what lead to Larsson writing the Millennium trilogy, and the inspiration for the themes, plot, and different characters. It’s absolutely worth reading just for those little tidbits.

The not-so-good: Most of the chapters are short and the style shifts back and forth, which for me made the book feel a bit unorganized. Parts of the book (especially the biographical information regarding Stieg’s childhood) is quite dry and feels mostly like a list of facts without much emotional content (a stark contrast to the more emotional chapters). I actually think I was more sympathetic to Gabrielsson’s situation before reading this book. I found her a bit off-putting and had a hard time connecting to her.

Why I read it: The Millennium trilogy is one of my all-time favourite series.

My rating: ★★★

Conclusion: Worth reading if you’re a fan of the Millennium trilogy and want more background on the legal dispute between Gabrielsson and Stieg Larsson’s father and brother.