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Book vs Film: Safe Haven

February 14, 2017 | 2 comments


Since it is Valentine’s Day today (or All Heart’s Day like I prefer to call it), today’s edition of book vs film is all about the romance. Because of a horrendous cough, I spent the weekend watching Hallmark movies, and after having filled my yearly quota of both Valentine and Christmas themed movies, I moved on to Nicholas Sparks*.

I read Safe Haven, and then I immediately watched the film in order to do a detailed comparison**. Full disclosure, I had read the book (originally published 2010) twice before seeing the film when it premiered in 2013.

I definitely prefer the FILM over the book because:

1. It’s all about the beautiful scenery.

2. And Josh Duhamel.

3. Plus the soundtrack is nice.

4. And to be honest, I prefer the way the plot is presented in the film.

*In my opinion, one of the most sappy romance writers ever, but whose books I for some reason always read.
**It’s my official explanation and I’m sticking to it.