Beartown by Fredrik Backman

March 8, 2017 | No comments


In brief: Novel about a small town and it’s obsession with ice hockey.

Setting: Sweden

The good: Backman is a born storyteller with a very distinctive writing style which I love. He has an amazing ability to describe mundane everyday events in a way that makes them seem remarkable. (And everyone knows I have a soft spot for stories set in small towns.)

The not-so-good: Somehow, I got less and less invested in the plot as the story unfolded, and the book felt like it was several hundred pages too long.

Why I read it: I’m a huge fan of Fredrik Backman, and this sounded like a book I would love and recommend to everyone.

My rating: ★★ (but many passages are absolutely brilliant)

Conclusion: Definitely one of those rare cases where all the individual pieces are great but the sum total somehow does not work.

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