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Book vs Screen: Chesapeake Shores

August 30, 2016 | 2 comments


I’m taking a page from Kate’s book and comparing books and their screen counterparts. This time, it’s a romance novel and the TV show based on it.

I read the book The Inn at Eagle Point (first in the Chesapeake Shores series) by Sherryl Woods (originally published 2009) AFTER seeing the pilot of the tv show Chesapeake Shores (premiered 2016).


TV SHOW over book, because:

1. The book felt very slow going, and the story did not really captivate me.

2. I didn’t quite connect to the characters as much in the book as in the TV show.

3. TV show has a great cast. Among others, Treat Williams and Jesse Metcalfe are perfectly cast as Mick O’Brien and Trace Riley. (And I have a soft spot for big cast/family shows.)

4. The scenery is gorgeous and it really comes across on screen.

5. After finishing the book, I didn’t feel the need to keep reading the rest of the series, but after seeing the pilot episode, I definitely want to continue watching the show.