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What a Wonderful Web We Weave | 1

November 11, 2013 | No comments


One of the many reasons the web is a wonderful place is that information about everything from here to there is only a mouse click or two away. Here are the favourite random things I’ve learned about lately.

I’m truly a nerd at heart and I love learning about languages and vocabulary or anything word related. Thanks to practically being raised at a printing house, I already knew most of the things on the list of 11 vocabulary words for typography nerds but I enjoyed the refresher course nevertheless. English can often be a quite confusing language (remember this?) but now I finally know more about what “the” mean. I also learned about 11 suffixes that gave us new, often terrible words and expanded my vocabulary with 56 delightful Victorian slang terms. I suddenly have an urge to work “butter up bacon”, “nanty narkin” and “mad as hops” into random sentences.

Almost as much as I love words, I love art (I think they are kind of the same). I haven’t had time or opportunity to visit an art gallery or museum in a while, but luckily the web is an endless exhibit. Last week I enjoyed these 13 sculptures made out of books and learned more about the art of sculpted bananas. While we are on the topic of bananas, have you seen these intricate portraits?

What random interesting things have you recently learned about?