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Pinterest-induced happiness

November 7, 2013 | No comments


I’m not afraid to admit that I suffer from severe pinterest-addiction. My latest pinterest-obsession is recipes.

I love spending time in the kitchen and I find both cooking and baking very relaxing, but ever since I stopped eating gluten last spring, I’ve been suffering from a serious case of food funk. I’ve been trying to modify my old trusted recipes but more often than not, the results aren’t as good as the original.

I know there are plenty of gluten free recipes out there. I guess I just haven’t been motivated enough to search them out. Until now.

Thanks to the plethora of recipe boards on pinterest I think my perpetual lack of interest in trying new food is finally over. And to motivate me even more, one of the things on my Mission 101 list is to try 25 pinterest-inspired recipes.

I started my pinterest-inspired food venture a couple of weekends ago. First on the list was these potato and omelet breakfast bites by Kristen. I’m not a big breakfast person, so I made them into lunch bites instead.

lunchbitesThey are super simple (and delicious!). The basic ingredients are tater tots (I use Ore Ida which are gluten free) and a mix of egg and milk. You can basically use whatever you want for the filling. I did one batch with tomato, spinach and mozzarella cheese, and one with ham, broccoli and cheddar cheese. For the latter, I used only egg whites instead of whole eggs for the omelet mix for a bit healthier version.

They are very similar to my sister’s pie recipe, but with potato. As with the pie, I freeze the omelet and potato bites individually and eat them with a small salad for lunch.

I am a big fan of food that easily can be frozen. My first year at uni, when I lived with my mom, I used to cook a big meal every weekend, freeze individual portions and bring them for lunch and dinner. Mom had a big freezer that she never used so I could easily freeze enough different meals that I wouldn’t get bored with any of them (there is nothing worse than eating the same thing several days in a row). Since moving abroad I haven’t had access to that size freezer, so I stopped with this habit.

Em and I have a tiny freezer, so we barely ever freeze leftovers but these lunch bites are small enough that they easily fit into my half of the freezer. They are the perfect back-up plan for days when I don’t have any leftovers or don’t feel like eating a salad for lunch.

I already have a long list of fillings to try once I have finished these ones.

I don’t even remember when I was this excited about preparing lunch last. Well, actually, it was in April when I made my sister’s pie.

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