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Top Ten Eurovision Songs 2016

May 10, 2016 | 2 comments


It is Eurovision week (a.k.a. the musical highlight of the year) and like last year, I therefore list my ten favourite songs out of the 42 countries that are participating.

1. SWEDEN | If I Were Sorry performed by Frans
I really like this song and it has been playing on repeat on my iPod, but it’s not as great as our song last year, so I’m not convinced we will win again.

2. FRANCE | J’ai cherché performed by Amir
For once, France has a great song. I love the mix of French and English, and I hope this is the winner (after Sweden of course).

3. DENMARK | Soldiers of Love performed by Lighthouse X
This catchy song has been stuck in my head from the first time I heard it.

4. RUSSIA | You Are The Only One performed by Sergey Lazarev
This could be the visually best show of the competition, and I think Russia, last year’s runner-up, have a chance of winning.

5. AUSTRALIA | Sound of Silence performed by Dami Im
There’s a lot of ballads this year again, and I think Australia’s singer is a step above the rest.

6. AZERBAIJAN | Miracle performed by Samra
I think this song is awesome (and it’s written by 3 Swedes).

7. CROATIA | Lighthouse performed by Nina Kraljić
I love her voice and I hope Croatia get a high score this year.

8. ITALY | No Degree of Separation performed by Francesca Michielin
I love that she sings in Italian.

9. BULGARIA | If Love Was a Crime performed by Poli Genova
This song has been growing on me.

10. IRELAND | Sunlight performed by Nicky Byrne
Ireland makes the list this year solely because I was a huge fan of Westlife when I was younger. This is a good pop song, but I don’t think it will win.

Other songs I like this year, that didn’t quite make my top ten, are Made of Stars (Israel), Color of Your Life (Poland), Play (Estonia), Sing It Away (Finland), Loin d’ici (Austria), Walk on Water (Malta), and Alter Ego (Cyprus).

Are you watching the finale on Saturday? Which countries are your favourites? And most importantly, do you think Sweden will win again this year?

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