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Favourite Things | April 2016

April 15, 2016 | No comments



(1) Parsley. Great on sweet potato.

(2) Kumato. Brown tomato great in caprese salad.

(3) Nexxus. Therappe schampoo and Humectress conditioner are the best.

(4) Silver bracelets. I usually don’t wear lots of jewelry, but lately, I’ve been obsessed with silver bracelets.

(5) Shoes. My new Women’s Mad Love® Lydia Slip On shoes from Target was an impulse buy but they are cute and very comfortable.

(6) Tulips. Favourite flower year round.

(7) Panasonic Lumix. Love my new 16.1 MP digital camera with 60x optical image stabilized zoom.

(8) Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders. I’m loving this spinoff of Criminal Minds.

(9) Bulova watch. I’m still in love with this watch that my mother and sister gave me when I defended.

What are your favourite things this month?